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I'm Maris

Welcome to Young Honest Mother, a chronicle of the transition into motherhood. In all honesty. Unnerved by the unspoken, I celebrate the mundane glory of child rearing and life living. Here, you'll find a community of other mothers who are relieved to find that finally, someone's writing about all those things they wish they would have known and could have said.

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  • A Mother’s Rise From Ruin

    Trigger Warnings: depression, suicidal thoughts In retrospect, I’m not sure how I didn’t see it for what it was. All the signs were there. All that I used to find interesting had become lackluster. I ...

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    A Mother’s Rise From Ruin
  • 25 Things I Learned As a First-Year Mother

    Milo celebrated his very first birthday on April 23, 2018. Six days later, I turned 25. I've been reflecting on these milestones for the last couple of weeks, taking stock of just how much has changed ...

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    25 Things I Learned As a First-Year Mother
  • Immune Boosting Garlic Smoothie

      The Immune Boosting Garlic Ginger Smoothie entered my vocabulary shortly after I met my now-husband in 2012. The first time he offered me a homemade garlic smoothie, I almost ...

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    Immune Boosting Garlic Smoothie

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